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November 26, 2019

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Greenlight Test Prep: A Comprehensive GRE preparation course


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It had been more than 3 years since I wrote a competitive exam. Having scored only 312 (Q163, V149) in the first attempt, I was quite afraid of writing the exam again. I was quite confident about improving my quantitative score, but needed practice to avoid making silly mistakes here and there. Also being a non-native English speaker, getting a decent score in the verbal section was very daunting for me. But all thanks to Greenlight Test Prep and Mr. Brent Hanneson, I managed to get a score of 330 this time (Q168, V162). I joined the course in mid-July, four months before the test date. I feel the course is very comprehensive and well structured. The videos are really well explained and the collection of questions covers everything that could be asked in the actual GRE. I feel lucky to have come across such a preparation course for my GRE and I am extremely thankful to Mr. Brent Hanneson, a great tutor and an amazing human being.

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