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September 14, 2021

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20 points improvement in 3 months


Improvement 20 Points

Course Greenlight Test Prep 6-Month Plan

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The quants section of Greenlight test prep is just superb. It details each and every concept along with the trick question that ETS uses as a trap. And the most useful thing in the course is the videos are divided into parts and the videos are not long, the are short, which helps you to watch the videos quickly in a short span of time and does not waiver your attention span and after every video tutorial it has questions of varying difficulty. Also, the course work is best for those who do not have much/no knowledge about quants, it helps to strengthen your base.

For verbal, the course a bit more basic, but helps to develop skills required to start solving verbal questions with care and after finding the clues. Developing this basic skill helped me to improve 13 points on verbal from 143 to 156.

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