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Target Test Prep is an innovative test prep company that, for the past 8 years, has been helping students break longstanding barriers to success on the GRE.

What makes us better? We’re a small group of dedicated, talented, and accommodating GRE instructors who are passionate about getting our students meaningful results. In addition to our private tutoring, we offer The Target Test Prep GRE Quant Course, a powerful web-based, self-study platform that is helping students earn impressive GRE math scores.

We don’t just help students master the content tested on the GRE; we introduce novel approaches toward developing sophisticated critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and decision making skills - all skills which the GRE rewards and yet many students lack.

In short, we're deploying forward-thinking strategies that successfully prepare millennials who sit for the modern GRE. These are strategies that are paying off: record numbers of TTP students have been earning top percentile quant scores.
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Wish I had learned about it sooner!
November 07 | 2017

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I wish I had started with Target Test Prep earlier. It is so easy to follow. The video explanations are great, as are the tests you can take along the way. I like that they are organized by level of difficulty. My only suggestion for improvement would be to offer at least 20 practice questions at the end of each lesson, or a link to a bank of these types of questions, which I believe they are working on. They are very open to feedback, respond IMMEDIATELY to your requests, send encouraging literature to read. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Please take advantage of this fantastic resource. Oh, and it's also very affordable, with various types of subscriptions available.
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