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Highly Recommend!!!
October 05 | 2017

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This review is for:   Kaplan GRE Prep - In Person | Location:   West Lake Village, CA USA  |
The Kaplan GRE In-Person class was truly amazing! I decided to take this class because I attempted to self-study the first time around, and I did not get the scores I wanted and needed for my top graduate programs. I learn best in a classroom setting, so I reasoned that I would improve my scores if I took an In-Person class. My course was designed for 2 sessions each week for 4 weeks. I enjoyed this layout because it was faster than an 8 week course, and it forced me to stay on top of my homework and studies. I felt extremely prepared for the Verbal and Quant sections, though I wish they had spent more time reviewing the Analytical Writing section. What I liked most was that signing up for the class also meant a bunch of extra resources! It includes homework assignments, three workbooks, Quiz bank, Vocabulary app, and 7 online practice exams. Plus, you can submit your essays to an online grader who will send you feedback and a score within a week. That was extremely helpful! The greatest thing about the course, though, was the ability to take a practice GRE exam in a real testing facility! That made me feel extremely confident :) In the end, I dramatically improved my scores!! Whereas the first time around I scored in the 50th-70th percentiles for the Verbal and Quant sections, I scored in the 80th percentile for both these sections after taking the In-Person class. That was my goal and I am so happy with the results! I highly recommend the Kaplan GRE In-Person course!
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