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Made Me Prepare
July 17 | 2017

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This review is for:   Kaplan GRE Prep - In Person | Location:   Brookfield, WI USA  | Taught by:  Brian Mitchell
I knew up front that without some sort of guidance, I would have a difficult time making myself actually sit down and study for the GRE. I also knew that doing well on the GRE was a critical part of getting into grad school (for physical therapy). I took the class before takin the GRE for the first time. After looking at reviews online, I settled on the GRE in person prep class, and I am so happy with that decision. The in person was a good choice for me because it made me focus during the specific time that I was there and made it simple for me to ask question right away and also hear questions that others had. The abundance of practice exams, practice questions in the book, other online resources, and the official test day experience really helped to calm my nerves on test day and go in with confidence! I took the class with Brian Mitchell, and he was outstanding. I thought I would dread going to class over the weeks, but he had a way of making it even fun and engaging. Overall, the class is well worth the money and time!
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