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Excellent Test Taking Strategies
December 03 | 2016

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This review is for:   Kaplan GRE Prep - In Person PLUS | Location:   Bloomington, MN USA  |
I signed up for the GRE prep course as a way of reviewing specific information and for the extra accountability of a teacher. The specific quant and verbal concepts were covered well, exactly as I hoped. However, I did not expect the depth of strategic analysis and break down of test taking strategies. Kaplan knows the GRE (and other tests), it understands how the tests are written and what it is looking for. By breaking that down and giving us simple, albeit not intuitive, strategies Kaplan gave me the ability to greatly improve my score. Rather than going into the test with anxiety, I was confident that I could break apart each question, understand exactly what it was looking for and quickly find the right answer.
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