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August 08, 2019

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Course Kaplan GRE Prep - In Person

Location Anaheim, CA USA

The in-person review was very helpful and the instructor was very knowledgeable with math but the verbal review was pretty much a self study. I have no issues with the instructor but the structure of the verbal section review just did not work for how I learned the best. It was difficult for me to learn as much as I can with the verbal section as we went through the book because I had to share the instructor's attention with other students. We had some non-native speakers (Chinese) in the class who I believe had more struggles than I did. I think I would've learned more in the verbal section if I had the online review. Overall, the in-person review was very helpful but I wish we had notes for what we studied during the day so students would be able to look back at what was discussed during the class. I did not score as well as I wanted.

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