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April 26 | 2017

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I studied with EmpowerGRE for 3 months, and then Magoosh for 4 months, and after two tests, my highest quant score was 152. Needless to say, math does not come easily to me.

But I then studied for less than a month with Target Test Prep, and I scored a 159, and didn't even feel prepared for the exam. With just another couple of weeks, I feel like I could've scored into the low-mid 160s.

The best thing about this course is how it gives you a blueprint for targeted studying. It gives you in-depth diagnostics as to where you struggle so that you can really hone in on the very specific areas that you're struggling with (or at least need to improve on)-- I've yet to see anything like that kind of precision on any other test software.

Also, the guys at Target are extremely receptive and responsive to constructive criticism, suggestions, and any help you might need.
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