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January 03 | 2017

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I started with Target Test Prep about one month before my last chance to take the GRE before round one application deadlines. I had taken a comprehensive in-person course through another company, and was disappointed with my quant results, despite studying every day and taking their additional online math course. I stuck with the company for awhile, but reached a plateau in which my score was not improving on practice tests and quizzes, and I could not understand from their materials what I was doing wrong.

I decided to try out Target Test Prep and knew right away that it was right for me. I needed more than just a focus on strategies for test taking. Target Test Prep's intense coursework and clear explanations of practice problems helped me to increase my quant score 5 points in a month, and made me a viable candidate for top programs. My only regret is that I did not start with them from the beginning!
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