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November 11 | 2016

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I just scored 170 on the quant part, because of the intensive training provided by TTP. To be fair, I must begin by saying that I do have a background in math, but in my opinion only half of the test is actually knowing theory. The other half is knowing problem solving strategies and how to apply them quickly. TTP's course does an excellent job at training you for this. First, because the exercises correlate almost 100% with those on the actual test, so you are going to be ready for what you're getting on the big day. Second, because the exercises are organized by sub-topics AND difficulty levels. This last point is crucial. For example, you can train the sub-topic "Work" problems (which are contained in a broader class of "Ratio" problems) separately. This has really helped me a lot, because I could train the specific places that I was falling behind. Finally, after each question that I did not get right, I'd check and study the test strategies presented in the videos. These have really helped me not only get more questions correctly but also improve my time (and if you have not taken the test yet, trust me: every second counts). TTP is hands the best option around to prepare for the quant part of the GRE.
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