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I had been studying for the GRE for 8.5 months and took two attempts that didn't go the best when I found Target Test Prep (I really wish I had come across it sooner!!). I only had 1.5 months left to prepare and take my final attempt but had quite a long way to get my quant score to where it needed to be in order to apply for a competitive b school. TTP hands down has the most comprehensive GRE quant platform I have come across (and I have tried several other popular resources which no one should waste their time or money with). What I loved about TTP is that you learn and practice problems simultaneously which really helps strengthen foundations while also allowing you to apply strategies.

TTP also has a comprehensive module on 'strategy' which in my opinon is one of the most helpful features of the platform because these are the tips and tricks you need in order to succeed. Not just that, but standardized tests are also a psychological game and you need to be prepared for that--TTP totally has you covered for this.

If you're someone who is struggling to get your quant score up, I honestly don't think you should look any further than TTP. Yes you 100% need to carve out enough time to study and go through all the material on TTP, but that's what you would be doing anyway so why not do it through a trusted and comprehensive platform?

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