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Course Target Test Prep The Target Test Prep GRE Quant Course

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I hadn't handled questions related to quadratic equations, geometry and inequalities in nearly a decade when I started preparing for GRE. So naturally, I wasn't doing very well on the practice sets. A friend of mine told me about Target Test Prep and how it had helped him improve his quant score.
I signed up for the $1 trial and loved the course material. The way it's broken down into separate chapters and the question categories at the end of each chapter (Easy, Medium, Hard) make it extremely helpful for someone starting from scratch. I ended up using the course for over a month and used their ready -made study plan. It improved my thought process around quant questions, my approach and the speed in handling them, a lot. I made sure I did all the example questions as part of a chapter which helped me asses my grasp on the chapter, on the go.
I especially loved their bookmark feature as it allowed me to revise the important points from various chapters (that I had bookmarked) the night before my practice and actual test.
I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to do a thorough preparation and achieve a high quant score.

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