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Hi! I am a Chemistry student, and I was looking for a Ph.D. in the USA. First time I took a test after the2 month preparation on Magoosh in August 2019. I was not very happy with my scores (153 in quant), and it appeared to me that the real test differs from what I was getting ready for. The decision to retake the GRE seemed after I got positive feedback from the professor of the program I wanted to become a Ph.D. student. After our talk, he asked me what my previous score in GRE quant are and suggested me to retake the test to enhance my chance to get the Ph.D. position in his group. I started my preparation in late October.

After my experience with Magoosh, I felt like I still remember all the tasks there, so it was a low chance to make my scores better there. So I was looking for another site that is focused on the quant only and could prove my scores in a short period. For now, it was not a free summertime when I could entirely spend on GRE like it was before my first GRE. I was very busy with my studies doing my Masters. Target Test Prep is the best preparation for the GRE ever, which helped me to understand all my gaps in the quant section. I was not to spend all my hours there. I did not finish a few chapters there. But I was so sophisticated to work on tests there. All lecture sections are made very smart; all chapters are made with examples which then you probably will meet in your real test. By the way, the team responds very quickly. It is the best online tutoring for GRE for sure!

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