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Best GRE quant prep on the market


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Course Target Test Prep The Target Test Prep GRE Quant Course

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I studied with Target Test Prep for less than 6 weeks, and my quant score went from 162 to 170. Having dabbled with a couple other GRE services, I can say Target Test Prep was by far the best and instrumental for my GRE studying. First, the platform is fantastic and well-designed. Easy to navigate, track progress, and revisit missed questions. I also love how it separates practice problems into easy/medium/hard and gives you a target score in each. That way, I didn't feel bad if I missed some of the hard ones or took an extra minute to answer them.

Second, what I liked best about the Target Test Prep platform is the ability to crank out a lot of practice problems relatively quickly. I tried Magoosh but didn’t stick with it, I think because it was just too slow. With Target Test Prep, you take practice quizzes with 10-20 questions (much like the actual GRE) and I would check the solution/strategy only for the questions I missed or spent way too much time on. Overall, I would say that the practice problems were a little more difficult than the actual GRE questions. I found this motivated me to study more, and I felt very confident once I started taking the official GRE practice tests and on the actual test day.

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