Great service, especially for someone who is nervous about quant!
September 15 | 2019

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I heard about Target Test Prep from a friend who was enrolled at a highly selective business school and who used TTP to prepare for the GMATs. I was studying for the GREs, but I was just using the official ETS book at the time and nothing else, and I was getting a lot of the quant questions wrong (math is my weakest subject and seven years removed from undergrad). So I decided to purchase TTP on her recommendation.

The best part of TTP are the extremely detailed tutorial sections and multiple practice tests for each math concept (e.g. geometry, probability). Doing this allows you to just focus on the areas where you did the worse in and target your weak sports - I equate it to watching game tape in basketball with a great coach who pauses the tape every few seconds to offer tips on improving your form or to critique a decision you made.

My only critique is the built-in calculator feels a little "sticky" and couldn't input numbers correctly on occasion.

Overall, I whole-heartedly recommend TTP. I didn't want to pay the way higher fees for an in-person prep class from another company, and if you stay disciplined (i.e. create a study plan and tackle each math section to a set schedule), you'll do fine on test day and only invested a fraction of the costs.

Score: 166 Verbal / 160 Quant (happy with score, only taking once)
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