A+ - helped me get from 156 to 161 in two months!
August 26 | 2019

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Super thorough course. wish I had started with Target from the beginning. Scott and Jeff are very responsive and happy to help / available via phone / email.

I really appreciated how thorough and methodical the course was. I had tried Kaplan, Magoosh, and official ETS materials and didn't have a clear game plan to make sure I wasn't missing material that didn't happen to show up on the practice problems I ran into. The course forces you to slow down in the best way and really drill concepts that you might think you know, but need more practice with the be quick and efficient when you're at the test center being timed and want to achieve a top quant score.

I also really appreciated their test day tips and other tips on the importance of psyching yourself up and even writing confidently and clearly in order to not make silly mistakes.

Target is a no BS approach that is really holistic and effective in it's teachings, in my opinion.
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