December 24 | 2018

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I have to preface this review by saying I am AWFUL at math. I put off taking the GRE for a year because I was so afraid how badly I would bomb the quant section.I combined Target Test Prep with a Kaplan Course and am so happy I did so because while Kaplan gives you a large quantity and variety of review problems, it's not exactly a review. I used Target Test Prep for four months and essentially re-taught myself math using this website.It was extremely time consuming but I ended up making it through all 21 chapters. I ended up getting a 156 (which was my target score!) on the quant section and am quite happy with the results!! I will say though that there isn't any practice exams or practice quizzes (besides the post chapter quizzes) that really emulate what you see on the GRE. So, you would definitely need to look elsewhere for that material (and of course the verbal too). However, at only $70 a month it's a beyond worthy investment for those of us who struggle with numbers!
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