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October 30 | 2018

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I'm so thankful that I found Target Test Prep for my GRE study. After dabbling in Manhattan Prep, Magoosh and Veritas prep materials, I can confidently say that Target Prep is the best out there for quant study. I am by no means a math whiz, but I was able to greatly improve my score through Target Test Prep's thorough and highly organized course. The website is so well designed that it almost made the study process fun believe it or not! What I have learned is that question type recognition is everything for success on the GRE. Target Test Prep is set up so that you learn through repetition with their seemingly endless question bank. In addition, the analytics really helped me see which specific topics were my strengths and weaknesses. With the help of Target Prep, I'll be attending Columbia Business School--my dream school! I can't recommend Target Test Prep enough.
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