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I started my GRE journey by going through the Official GRE Guide, and classic 5lb book after that. After about 100 hours I took my first GRE Practice Test, scoring 158V, 158Q. A few weeks later, it shifted to 158V, 160Q - I felt overwhelmed by the math section - and I knew I needed a fresh approach.

Beginning of 2021 I made it my mission to study hard for four months get the score I needed for business school. TTP came highly recommended so I dived in. The Quant chapters were detailed and the number of practice tests per topic was absolutely exhaustive. About mid March, they released the verbal section. I struggled with pacing and breaking down passages - but the verbal webinars really helped complement the online portion.

I sunk about 275 hours into the program. And followed it religiously and ended up with my dream score my first shot. I was stunned come test day... 164V / 165Q / 5.5 AWA. As a person who had to retake the SAT / ACT four times, avoid the pain and pay the price up front with TTP. Your hard work will be rewarded!

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