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April 04, 2022

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I was worried about how I would do on the GRE when I first decided I wanted to apply to full time MBA programs. I work in the medical field and hadn't done much that relates to the test in years. I took a baseline test and scored a 318 (158 V, 160 Q). My target programs all require a score above 320, so I started looking for test prep programs.

I knew I learn best through repetition and practice, so when I heard about TTP on reddit, I signed up for the free trial. It really meshed well with my learning style, especially for quant. I ended up signing up for the 4 month plan, which was perfect for me and a great value. Every quant chapter builds upon the chapter before it, and the example questions and explanations were fantastic for learning. I didn't follow the study plan perfectly as I had a decent quant foundation, but I completed quite a bit of it. The medium and hard level questions were VERY close to what I had on the adaptive section of the GRE!

The verbal section was great for the fill in the blank questions. I also enjoyed the breakdown of the CR section and think I could've done even better on the GRE had I completed more of it!

I'm very thankful for TTP, and I'm feeling so much more confident about my upcoming applications!

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