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I attribute my increased GRE Quant score from 161 to 169 primarily to the Target Test Prep program. I used a couple other types of programs both online and in the form of physical books. My problem is that I have a bad habit of just learning what the answer should be, and memorizing the answer to a question I got wrong rather than really learning the concept behind the problem. With Target Test Prep, my study plan was laid out in such a way that I was forced to actually learn how to do these problems. Having a solid plan with information that continued to be built upon as I progressed, in addition to easy, medium and hard difficulty levels for the quizzes, enabled me to understand the concepts on a fundamental level. Not only was the study plan itself wonderful, but the content was perfect for all levels of mathematical understanding. I learned tricks and tips that I had never seen throughout my many math classes in school. I also wanted to just focus on the quantitative portion rather than the verbal since that is what the programs I am applying to are interested in, and Target Test Prep allowed me to do so, creating a space where I wasn’t distracted by the other aspects of the GRE. I highly recommend this program to anyone taking the GRE.

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