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I had already done some prep and taken a GRE test when I found TTP. I was unhappy with the score I had as they were considerably below my target for quant. I really liked to find the short plan option, since I was planning to retake the GRE as soon as possible. I also liked the detailed content sessions with their specific timed tests. I loved the error type log. This helped me a lot to locate and concentrate training on my weak points. But one thing that was key for me and which we don’t find in other test preps is the so many notes on test strategies unrelated to content. I already had a strong math background but I failed to see my scores reflect my knowledge and skills. I would make just too many silly mistakes that would either make me get wrong answers or take precious time redoing questions that I had initially got wrong. This extra time redoing even the easiest questions made me rush the rest of the test, leading me to more mistakes and to scores that were below my expectations. I was beginning to doubt myself, thinking maybe I had a wrong perception of my skills. It was just so comforting to see I was not alone in this and that TTP has thought about people like me, offering me the most valuable orientations to mitigate this kind of issue. I was then able to raise my scores from 160Q and 158V (Aug 18th) to 166Q and 161V (Sep 12th) - doing prep alongside a highly demanding job. I am proud of myself for not giving up and for believing I could do better, even being 42 years old. I am grateful for TTP to also believe in me and help me get where I wanted!

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