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That being said it is still a lot of work to get the score you want.
I only needed a great quant score since my university of choice does not care about verbal scores. With this in mind TTP is the best choice you can make for haveing a great quant score.

1. The structure makes it very wasy to follow all topics.
They are divided in lessons and exercises to test your knowledge. The exercises again are divded in different difficulty levels, thus you can find out pretty fast which your weak points are.

2. TTP offers an amazing analytics tool. You can see how long you took on average to answer a question, which topics seem to be the most dificult for you and beased on this you can create your own question sets.

3. Since it is easy to create your own question sets it is important to hilight that in the TTP -Course you will certainly have enough different questions to test your knowledge and improve.

All in all I can only recommend the program since I have used it for GMAT and GRE and in both times I managed to get the score I wanted!

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