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When I first signed up for TTP quant prep, I was a bit skeptical. After all, prior to my first GRE attempt, I had exhausted all of my prep's material - and was not too happy about my GRE quant score.

I signed up and dived right into the lessons. TTP's platform is user-friendly and the lessons provided have concise, meaningful explanations. Also provided is an analytics panel, where you can track your most common mistakes and monitor your progress - very useful for keeping yourself accountable.

I worked through all of the almost 2500 problems (each one with their own to-the-point explanation), but had no time to take the official GRE mock tests to know whether I had improved - I went straight to my second try.

My second GRE attempt felt so much different than the first! Quant was a breeze - I finished the first section with almost 8 minutes do spare. In the second (and harder) section, I was able to calmly work through all the problems, with no rush.

At the end, I got a competitive GRE quant score. I credit this improvement to TTP's prep quality, which helped me a lot. I'm glad not only with the return on the money I paid, but also on the time I devoted studying through TTP. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a competitive GRE quant score.

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