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April 25, 2021

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From 157 to 169 in 15 days!!


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Course Target Test Prep The Target Test Prep GRE

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Target Test Prep's Quant curriculum enabled me to increase my quant score from 157 to 169 in just 15 days. The modular approach of the course along with the explanation of the various traps likely to appear in GRE really helped me to increase my accuracy , while ensuring that I create a strong conceptual foundation. I could feel my confidence increase 2x times. I am really glad that I subscribed to TTP on my birthday , and it eventually paid off in the exam.

I ensured that my accuracy of atleast 75% for the Hard questions , 90% for medium and 95-100 % for the easy level questions. I worked on my weak chapters , and ensured that I improve my accuracy first , and then focused on time management.

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