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Best resource for GRE quant


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Course Target Test Prep The Target Test Prep GRE

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Target Test Prep is by far the best GRE quant resource on the market. It helped me reach my ceiling for the GRE, and I genuinely enjoyed taking the course.

Prior to studying for the GMAT and GRE, I hadn’t taken a math course (or even thought about math) in 15 years. I worked in journalism for 10 years and this past summer made the decision to pursue grad school. I took the GMAT in the summer and scored in the 58th percentile for quant. Before I took the GRE in the spring, I spent about six weeks working through the material in Target Test’s GRE prep course. The course was extremely thorough and well-organized. Each practice question came with a video explanation from the instructors. I'm not sure there is another resource available with such extensive video explanations for each problem.

This helped me build a much better understanding of the concepts than what I had developed through textbooks and other test prep resources. Target Test Prep clearly identified and explained all the concepts and handy shortcuts needed to score high on the GRE. Thanks to Target Test Prep, I was able to score a 166 (89th percentile) on GRE quant, a dramatic improvement from my score on the GMAT.

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