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November 18 | 2016

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When I first stumbled accross The Economist GRE Course I was unsure about it because of the price. I had already taken the GRE two times and had been pretty discouraged because my scores where not good. The first time I took it, I was completely unprepared. For the second time, I bought a popular GRE review book and it did help, but my scores where still not optimal. I decided to try The Economist and it was very worth it! I wish I had found it sooner, it would have saved me a lot of money from taking extra GRE tests.
I purchased the ultimate package and used every feature I had access too. The lessons were extremely helpful as they were very thorough about every single concept contained in the GRE. You can ask questions about anyhting and the teachers really take the time to answer and make sure you understand. I really liked the practice tests, too. They were a great to see what I was weak in and provided explanations for every answer, so you can learn from your mistakes. Another great thing about this course are the one-to-one session. The tutors are really nice and have a lot of experience. I used up all of the sessions I had available and I learned a lot in every one of them. They also have essay grading available and it helped me improved from 4 to 4.5 in the anaytical writing measure.
Overall I went from 150 to 156 in quant and from 156 to 161 in verbal, and I think I would have done much better if I had devoted more time to study.
In conclusion, to all the people preparing for the GRE, for the first or subsequent times, I really recommend the The Economist GRE Course.
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