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December 12 | 2016

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The class should take 90-120 hours to complete, though on my current pace it says the class will take ~44 hours to complete. Other than that glitch in timing, the class is amazing. The subjects covered are clear and concise, and you are immediately given challenging questions on each topic. If you master the topic the first time, you will never see that area again. If you do not have it mastered, you have to answer more questions on that subject, and receive additional instruction until you master the topic. When you complete practice problems outside of a lesson, your mastery level of different skills is adjusted on how well you answered the practice problems. That way you know if you need to go back and review something you might have forgotten after mastering it the first time.
I purchased the 3-month Premium plan based on the expectation I would get everything out of the program I needed in 3 months. It has the same number of practice exams at the Ultimate package.
I have been pacing the practice exams to be completed at each additional 20% completion mark in the program. So far my score has gone up from 156V / 161Q, to 160V / 165Q, and I'm only 40% done with the program.
The lessons are very clear, and the questions are very challenging. I definitely feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of this program. Much better web interface and completion analytics tracking than Princeton Review Online.
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