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September 07 | 2016

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I began hunting for GRE prep methods at the beginning of summer, but was hugely put off by the massive price tags that came with some of the more famous prep companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review. Additionally, private tutoring from lesser-known companies was still quite expensive; for one summer, I couldn't justify spending that much despite how effective they claimed to be.

I then came across the GRE Economist online app. I wasn't entirely convinced at first, but found the design and function of the website to be sleek and fast, and decided to stick with it after my one-week trial. I began with a score of around 155 on Quant and 147 on Verbal; my score on my actual GRE (which I only took once) was 161 on both Quant and Verbal, with a 4.5 on Analytical Writing. I couldn't be more pleased with this platform.

It provides customers with everything they could need, and does its best to work through the limitations that come with web-based learning. Depending on which plan you choose (I bought the Premium version), you get several one-on-one tutor sessions, during which a highly-qualified academic has a web-chat or -call with you to discuss exactly what it is you need to discuss. It allows you to tailor your learning to what you need it to be. It also has several practice exams, which are of course an integral part of prepping for any exam; however, these are thoroughly explained, with each answer choice for each question completely fleshed out. Furthermore, it also allows you to submit essays for grading, which are personally graded by tutors who tell you how to improve.

I could go on forever - but really, the biggest thing is just how personal GRE Economist is. Customer support is quick and excellent; I never for a second felt I was lost or ignored or sent in circles. It was very easy to stay in touch with tutors and learn with them. Overall, the lesson plans themselves may seem cumbersome, but are meticulously organized and necessary for success. I neglected proper study until about 40 days before my GRE; but in those 40 days, I was able to make a massive difference to my score, which speaks volumes as to the effectiveness of this platform. Truly excellent experience and I would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone I know.
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