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August 10 | 2016

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As someone who at times lack the necessary discipline for self-paced study I was originally considering the in-person courses offered by other companies. Opting instead for The Economist GRE Tutor, however, allowed me to not only save money but also invest my study time in a more strategic manner while covering a broader segment of material than an in-person prep class would.

Both the Quant and the Verbal sections in The Economist GRE Tutor are broken into bite-sized easily digestible lessons on every conceivable concept one might expect to see on the GRE. Furthermore, practice questions offered within the program are on average more difficult than the ones on the actual exam thus preparing me quite well for whatever the test might throw at me. As someone for whom math specifically and standardized testing generally were never strong suits, I found The Economist GRE Prep a true blessing in its ability to impart on me precisely what I needed to know. And the fact that its adaptive always kept my weaker areas in shape.

The Live Tutor sessions are an excellent addition as the tutors are not only extremely knowledgeable but also seem to really care about your performance. While there were some technical issues with the GRE Prep website's own platform for the live sessions, I was able to switch over to Skype and the tutors made the process as seamless as possible. I was quite nervous about the essay parts of the exam and the tutor broke everything down for me in such a complete way that when it came to the exam I knew exactly what I was doing with not a hint of nervousness.

In the end, with about a month of study (a total of 100 hours as the prep course tracks your study time in a handy graphic), I was able to score quite well for someone who hasn't approached a math problem in 5 years and is a non-native English speaker. From an initial practice score of Q148 and V158 I went to Q158 and V168.
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