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December 21 | 2017

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I absolutely love this option offered by the Economist. My favorite aspects are that they offer a self-paced, all-online, reinforcing program of instruction. Additionally, it is amazing that they offer essay grading, tutoring sessions, and practice exams. After my initial GRE test I decided that I wanted to really boost my performance and signed up for this service. Bottom line: I boosted my score by 7 points.

Why I like the Economist:' It adapts to your performance'. What does this mean? When you get questions wrong, it flags the key topics involved in the question and makes you review that section. It's a great way to prepare that can't be replicated through any other program, even when it's frustrating! I also benefited a lot from the video tutor sessions - my tutor was Jake and he was great. However, sign up for tutor sessions EARLY because they get snatched up quickly.

I would 100% recommend this course for quant preparation. However, I am not such a fan of their verbal preparation. I am much stronger on the verbal portion (as evidenced by my scores) but really struggled with the Economist reading comprehension questions. I did not find that they were a good representation of actual GRE questions. I can't say why - they were just off. So while I did finish the Economist Verbal prep, I then went and spent 3 weeks crushing verbal questions on Magoosh and I felt that actually made the difference in my verbal preparation.

All in all - I used the following resources to prepare for the test:
Manhattan prep 8 book series: Good for reference, but could be replaced completely by the Economist program.
Manhattan prep 5 lb book of questions: highly recommend!
Economist GRE tutor: highly recommend for quant and overall instruction
Magoosh: highly recommend for verbal practice
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