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November 24 | 2016

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I signed up for the free week trial of The Economist GRE Tutor after realizing I needed to take the GRE - as a Canadian, I had never heard of this test before and was shocked and stressed (math! Academic vocabular! What to do!). Within a week I took my first GRE test and scored Verbal 157 and Quant 148. I spent another three and a half weeks studying using the app, and after taking the GRE a second time I raised my Verbal score by 2 and Quant by 3.

I chose the weekly service as I didn't have time as a luxury, but I still felt much more comfortable going in and solving math problems (it's been about 10 years since I took a math class), and knew what to expect for Verbal and the essays. I would have liked more vocabulary practice from the app, but I used another website's flashcards for that.

I believe that with more time (1 month is not enough, especially working full time!) I could have raised my score higher, however as I didn't even know this test existed a month ago, I am happy to even have a decent score to submit with my PhD application. I appreciated the tutor sessions (I booked 2, would have liked another one but there were no more openings) and practice tests (I did 4).

I had a few technical issues with the website (Firefox and Safari are bugged and cannot scroll down on the practice test to view your results, and they didn't let me know of this until two days before my test), and my progress percentages went backwards at one point, but overall it was an amazing site to use and I'm happy with my money spent (wish the CAD-USD exchange rate was more even, though!). I really enjoyed the format and found it easy to navigate and a good deal for money spent.
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