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March 28, 2021

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I had such a great experience using Sherpa when studying for the GRE. While I studied on my own prior to taking the course, I was score ~10 below my target in both Quant and Verbal. The course itself is thoughtfully structured and the learning materials (books, extra practice problems) are great and easy to use.
I took the prep course twice. The option to repeat the cost at no charge was incredible. When I did the course the first time, I did not understand how much I would need to dedicate to successfully improve my score, so it was a great primer to the process. Before COVID-19, I found the Sunday Office Hours really helpful and a good way to get questions answered and learn from other students as well.
Erin was a truly incredible instructor, where I primarily worked with him in 1-1 tutoring (all virtual because of COVID-19). He was great at providing test-taking strategies that were targeted at addressing my specific weaknesses. He was able to help me review exam reports to understand where to focus my limited time on improving my score.
I scored a 162V/159Q and was accepted into my dream MBA program and could not have done it without Sherpa or Erin!

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