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I used SherpaPrep to help me prepare for my GRE exam. The course itself does a great job in providing you with GRE-specific test-taking tools/strategies and it also provides a breakdown of key concepts and tricks that help improve your ability to tackle the questions. Furthermore, the instructors also do a good job in helping you identify areas for improvement and they help provide feedback regarding study habits and the overall preparation schedule.

I was most focused on the quant portion of the exam. Prior to enrolling in the prep course, I had not studied at all but I had taken an old practice exam from the Princeton Review and scored a 154. After completing the course and working with Jay for a little while, I scored a 165 in Verbal/Quant with a 6 on the essay (my highest score).

Nasheed was a great instructor and gave a lot of good tips for taking the exam; she did very well to get us through the course content and provide additional support in exam preparation. I also had the opportunity to work with Jay after the course ended. He was extremely helpful and devoted a lot of time to supporting me and making sure I had the tools necessary to succeed. One of the key areas of support was Jay's ability to help identify barriers to my progress on the exam. Once I was able to work on those barriers (time management and careless errors), my score improved.

While I did take the exam a few times and ultimately purchased a few external resources just for practice/repetition (at the advice of the coaches), the support that the SherpaPrep instructors were able to provide was definitely worthwhile. It was a huge advantage to have such experienced coaches supporting you throughout the process and really investing their time in your success.

I would recommend SherpaPrep to anyone who is looking for more support in their preparation.

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