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October 12 | 2015

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I signed up for Magoosh in September after taking one of the ETS practice exams. I was not too interested in quant as I’m applying to a program that completely ignores the quant score – so my review is based on the verbal and essay sections, as I didn’t even practice quant except in practice tests. I purchased only premium because it was on sale!
Magoosh was very helpful for me in getting my verbal score up. The extensive practice questions helped me to isolate the problem areas (long passage reading comprehension was killing me), and the video explanations for each question were actually very helpful. I thought they would be extremely simplistic, but they were actually quite detailed without being tedious. I especially appreciated the emphasis on strategy and how to think through the questions. I ran through all 500+ verbal questions and watched videos for all the ones I missed, and this made a huge difference in my scores. The great thing with Magoosh is that it is a very flexible tool. If you know exactly what you want to work on, it will help you work on those sections. If you want a plan and help with improving everything, it’ll help with that as well.
I highly recommend Magoosh for anyone who wants to increase their score. I did a bit of quant, and if I had been inclined, I know it would have helped me a lot with that as well.
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