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May 20 | 2017

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I took the Magoosh GRE subscription for my application to MS in USA. Initially I was not sure of paying for something about which the internet was already flooded with free material, but after reading the testimonials and doing my research, I finally went for a one month subscription, which I must say has been one of my best decisions. As the program starts, they ask you to take a test so that you have a baseline to understand where you currently belong. They will provide you with an analysis of your weakness and areas you need to work upon. My initial score was 301, so I was also hoping to get a 10 point difference as the website claimed. Over the period of time I went on with their tutorials and practice material, which I must say is the closest to what you will see on the actual test day. Finally, I gave my test and to my surprise I scored 318, quants-166 & verbal- 152. Needless to say I was super exited and satisfied with the result which Magoosh provided me within a month of training.

I do have some referral codes which magoosh gives to every student when they signup. The referral link will give you an additional off on your bill. Feel free to use them.

GRE- https://gre.magoosh.com/invite/QS6DHV

TOEFL- https://toefl.magoosh.com/invite/QS6DHV

Hope this helps :)
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