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September 27 | 2015

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By way of design, Magoosh is superbly efficient, well-organized, and highly ergonomic at the user interface.

I have been pleasantly pleased throughout the entire study process, and truly appreciate the effort put in by Magoosh staff to make this one of the least boring ways of studying for one of the most boring standardized tests.

For me, the fact that every single practice question is complemented by a video tutorial is absolutely critical for understanding the core concepts behind effectively answering the questions. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of practice questions (verbal and quantitative) as well as several hundred more lesson videos, in which the instructors carefully teach you how to set up the problems, examine them, and ultimately complete them (all with time efficiency on mind).

I have yet to take the Magoosh practice tests, and have that marked for a future date, but based on my progress throughout the customized practice sessions I have been taking, I now have a higher level of confidence that I will do well on the practice tests and the real test thanks to Magoosh.
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