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May 01, 2021

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Excellent GRE Test Prep Service


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Course Magoosh Premium

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I thoroughly enjoyed the Magoosh Premium GRE prep course. A couple of features about the Magoosh GRE prep really stand out for me:
1. Video Lessons - all concepts are introduced from a basic, introductory level, which serves as a great refresher for many simple concepts which one might have long forgotten
2. Question Bank - The Magoosh course offers an extensive bank of questions of varying difficulty, most of which closely mirror the kind of questions you can expect on the GRE
3. Techniques - Both Verbal and Quant lessons educate students on tricks and techniques that you can use to simplify seemingly difficult problems, this really was key in helping me succeed on the GRE
4. Responsive support team - If you've got any doubts or questions that you'd like ask the tutors or anyone else at Magoosh, you can pretty much expect most of your questions to be answered within a very short time frame.

I strongly recommend the Magoosh GRE prep service for anyone looking to appear for the exam for the first time or improving an existing score.

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