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Magoosh is an exceptional service for GRE preparation. I was on a “crash course” (2 months to take the GRE for my first time – while continuing my full-time job, studying on evenings and weekends only). I signed up for Magoosh and dove into my studies. After 2 months, and after my GRE, I can declare the following: Magoosh is a fantastic GRE prep service, delivering everything they promise, and more!

The Magoosh training methodology is exceptional. The videos lessons are complimented with on-screen pen work following along the script, reinforcing learning with both visual and audible stimulation – a proven method used for decades, and mastered by Magoosh. The lessons are only a few minutes long each allowing for short study sessions and have options for up to 2x speed dubbing to allow quick review of topics you’re familiar with.

The Magoosh practice questions have very thorough explanations for how they got to the right answer, and they also directly link to an appropriate lesson for review if you need more help. The Magoosh website also allows personal notes for each question (and lesson) so you can guide your own memory through your own personal challenges. When I took the GRE, there were no questions that surprised me - Every type of question for both math and verbal were represented in the Magoosh products.

One area Magoosh needs to improve is their Analytical Writing system. The ETS website has published their entire question bank for this area, and Magoosh should do 2 things. First, use those questions directly for their own practice, and second, build a detailed methodology to attack those specific 300 questions. I've provided this to Magoosh, and look forward to them updating their service to be better into the future. Even with this, the score remains 5 out of 5!

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