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August 13 | 2018

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I bought the Magoosh account 1 month prior to my GRE date. Gave a mock initially and scored 302 in it. (Q 155 V 147). I followed the Magoosh study plan and it turned out to be effective. Practised the RCs every day and logged all my mistakes. probably could've scored higher if I got Magoosh earlier, but I've got enough for my application. The vocabulary builder app was also helpful, but I would suggest focusing on the contextual meaning of the word. A concept I came to know after giving GRE was synonym trees, which are also of great use.

For Quant, I'd suggest calculating everything on the paper since you're likely to make mistakes under the time pressure. Also, the tricks revealed in the Magoosh videos are of vital help. The flashcards came a lot handy as well.

I understand that Magoosh may seem a bit overpriced to students, but it is worth every penny. You can get a discount with these:



All the best, everyone!
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