Out of College for TEN YEARS!
October 15 | 2015

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When I began studying for the GRE I had not only I been out of school for a decade, but I studied English in college. So while the verbal section was pretty easy for me, the quant section completely blew my mind. Even in this anonymous review I'm too embarrassed to confess my first score on a quant section. Having come across Magoosh on r/gradschool, r/gre, and r/gradadmissions, I decided to give it a go, as I was in desperate need of help. I began at the beginning and watched every single video, took notes, and completed the practice questions. Magoosh's great explanations and tips for success on the test completely transformed my performance, and my score went up dramatically. The customer service is also absolutely top notch. They answered all my questions patiently and promptly. I can't recommend Magoosh enough, especially if you need math help.
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