I always TRUST Kaplan
August 07 | 2017

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I took Kaplan when I thought that I wanted to be a dentist and needed to take the DAT. I took Kaplan when I wanted to become a nurse and needed to take the NCLEX; and I just took Kaplan again because all my PHD programs want me to have a GRE score. Kaplan has been there my entire academic career. I passed each test the first time around and for this current GRE for my PHD, we consider it a formality, because schools ultimately let in whom they want to let in at this level. But each school had a preferred 149 for verbal and I received a 147, and I was told to not bother about my math due to my subject matter, but guess what? That accidentally improved, there was barely anything on the test that was actually "hard". I remember propping my feet up in my cubical with the keyboard on my leg typing away during the essays. I struggle the most with argumentative essays the entire month, but after trudging along with the examples provided and a session with my coach, well I told you how I was typing in that cubicle. I knew I did good when I walked out. But was excited to see my math score, I wanted to cry! but they were trying to finish me up in the testing center. We have done it once again Kaplan, but I hope this is the last time I see you guys! :lol:
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