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October 23 | 2016

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This review is for:   Kaplan  Kaplan GRE Prep - Live Online | Location:   Online | Taught by:  Jonah
I cannot recommend this more! I was hesitant to take a prep course for the GRE, but boy am I glad I did! My diagnostic quant score abysmal (10%) but in the course of the class I improved it over 30 points (into the 60th percentile and above). I didn't believe that was possible. I also, surprisingly, really enjoyed the class itself; somehow, Gail and Jonah made it both accessible and entertaining! Furthermore, they were extremely attentive on an individual level. They checked in with my progress and guided me in the right direction in terms of how to focus my studying. I felt like they truly went above and beyond their "job description." The online resources are similarly incredible. I have a demanding work schedule, and the Quiz Bank offered me the ability to grab a few minutes of studying whenever I had a spare moment. My one concern is the price of the course. Had I not received this prep class as a Christmas present, there was no way I could have taken it. I really hope there are adequate scholarships offered, because it would be shameful if someone was hindered from receiving this level of quality due to economic constraints.
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