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June 07 | 2016

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This review is for:   Kaplan  Kaplan GRE Prep - Live Online | Location:   Online | Taught by:  Jonah
I first tried studying for the GRE on my own by purchasing a GRE book but I was not motivated enough to read the entire book and practice the problems. When I went to take the GRE test I did not do as well as I had wanted so I decided that I should take GRE classes to help guide me and keep me motivated enough to work the problems. I had originally chosen an in person class but there was not enough people who had signed up for it and it was cancelled but Kaplan representatives worked quickly with me and helped me find a class session that would work for me. I then decided to take the live online GRE classes and they were so much more convenient! You just needed your computer, books, paper, and pencil, and you were all set for the GRE prep class! I could take the classes anywhere where there was wifi and that was very helpful for I am a busy person. If you are a busy person as well but want to take a prep class I would definitely recommend taking the live online GRE class. I had Jonah for the Quantitative classes and Steven for the Verbal classes and they were both wonderful! They knew exactly what they were talking about and never got distracted. They would answer all of your questions and even stayed after the class was over to answer more of your questions. They were also available through email and you could email them any questions you had and they would respond very quickly back to you. The classes definitely helped me because both Jonah and Steven explained all the concepts, terminology, and gave tips on how to well. I was motivated by them to do all the homework, practice problems, and practice tests. There was plenty of practice tests to do and the quiz bank also helped so much! I would also recommend getting the Kaplan vocabulary app on your phone because it has the 500 most common words used on the verbal section on the GRE. Because of the classes, I did way better on the GRE the second time I took it! I thought I did better on the Quantitative section than I really did but I still did exceedingly well! You just have to remember it is very challenging and requires practice and work but all that pays off in the end! Through all my hard work and through the help of Kaplan I was able to raise my score 11 points so I would say the prep courses are definitely worth the money!
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