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July 06 | 2016

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This review is for:   Kaplan  Kaplan GRE Prep - Live Online | Location:   Online | Taught by:  Steve and Jonah
I had Steve for the Quantitative class sessions and Jonah for the Verbal/Analytical Writing class sessions. Both made the class really fun/interesting - two words I never thought I would use to describe GRE classes.

Prior to signing up for this course, I struggled to make time to study and lacked structure/study plan. The GRE teachers/assistants work to make a study schedule and plan that is tailored to you. As long as you follow it, you should have no problem reaching your goal!

QuizBank is probably one of the best things created to practice the topics that you are not very strong in. It helped strengthen my skills in various areas.

They also have the Higher Score Guarantee policy, which is also great.
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