In Person GRE Through Kaplan
September 20 | 2017

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This review is for:   Kaplan  Kaplan GRE Prep - In Person | Location:   Los Angeles, CA USA | Taught by:  Gregory Carpenter
I signed up for the in person GRE in person class through Kaplan. They even provide a financial assistance program where if you are approved you will get up to 60% off. I took the once per week class and my instructor was great and extremely helpful. He was always there to answer all my questions and would always with no hesitation look over my practice essays when I asked him to. With the vocabulary for the verbal an app is provided where you can download to your phone and study on the go anytime. Kaplan teaches the best tricks for the quantitative section that will increase your speed and accuracy in answering the questions during the exam. In addition to six practice tests Kaplan also provides a "Test Day Experience" where you go to an actual testing center and take a practice test under the same rules and conditions of a real test. I highly recommend Kaplan as a prep course that will make a difference in maximizing your score. They will definitely guide you but the student must do lots of studying and practice quizzes in order to get a good feel of the actual test. They have thousands of questions you can create quizzes from that were taken from previous official exams.
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