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December 19 | 2018

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I gave myself 2 months to study for the GREs after endlessly procrastinating. The first month I focused on my verbal and improved that on my own, however I had failed to improve my math score. By the end of that month I realized I needed a video course. I always struggled with Math and found Greenlight's short how to videos and review questions to be insightful and an efficient use of my time.
I targeted my geometry, data interpretation, and algebra weaknesses and scored a 154 in quant. That was a 6 pt increase from where I started. I briefly went over some verbal videos however I found studying vocabulary and doing your own practice problems to be more helpful than watching a video on that.
If I had given myself more time to study and used all the resources greenlight offered I conceivably could have done better. Total score was 154/164 = 318 which was just enough to get me into my PhD program of choice.
$60 was absolutely worth it.
Thanks Brent!
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