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July 31 | 2017

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Wow how can I begin, first off I must say in hindsight I am very glad I picked Empower GRE. I ended up only paying a $100 to get into the graduate program of my dreams. But do not misunderstand me, they gave me the tools but you still need to devote a lot of time effort and attention to every part of this test. Thankfully Empower GRE has an awesome system that walks you through strategies that will definitely help you in studying for this crazy exam. Coming into studying for this exam I really was worried considering I never even took the SAT in high school, but empower GRE made it simple enough for me to go through the stages of the exam with confidence.

If you are looking for a great online program and are on a budget this is the program for you. In addition when I had a slight issue about the subscription of the service there customer support was quick and awesome!

Thank you empower GRE!!!!!
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