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August 30 | 2018

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I used EmpowerGRE for Verbal. The EmpowerGRE platform is very user-friendly and the lessons are set up well for students to succeed. The videos succinctly explain each question type and subsequent strategies related to answering each question type. I found the flashcards to be the most useful. Instead of trying to learn >1000 words, EmpowerGRE has figured out which words appear on the GRE on a regular basis. The flashcards provide harder questions towards the end of the course and so by then, the student should have mastered the "basic" words. I had taken the GRE once before I signed up for the EmpowerGRE and received a score of 156 on Verbal. After a month and a half of studying with EmpowerGRE, I ended up scoring 164 on my second try. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to make an improvement to their score.
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