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August 27 | 2018

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I must accept I am not a math fan, and honestly, it has always been hard for me. Also, I am a non-native English speaker, so I was pretty terrified of the GRE test. I was probably facing a feeling that a lot of students may feel, why if I am applying for a Marketing Master (or other masters not related to math specifically) I have to be tested with this exam. Well, EmpowerGRE was my salvation. The way the preparation stages are divided help you out scheduling your time before the test. It provides you with enough exercises to feel secure before the big day. Each exercise has it own explanation video and it really shows you some tricks to beat the exam. I spent a full month studying every day and by the end, I felt the guys explaining the exercises on the videos were my close friends. At the end of my course I felt prepared for the GRE test, I took it, and now I can say I got accepted into one of the best business schools in Europe. My score isn't as high as many people may achieve, but coming from a guy that sucked in math it was quite an achievement, thanks to EmpowerGRE. I totally recommend it.
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